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Honestly Affordable

Editorial and Beta Reading Services to Suit Your Budget 

As a writer myself, I know how quickly expenses can pile on when getting ready to publish your book, and that's exactly why I want to offer my services at a price that suits your needs. 

Beta Reads

Full service beta reads include notes on characterization, plot, pacing, dialogue, and readability. 

I will not make any changes to your text and just leave notes at the side. I provide commentary on my thoughts as I read so you can get an understanding of what a first-time reader is experiencing. I may ask questions that get answered later on, but I will leave my comment in so you know what I'm thinking at the time.


Editorial services include two passes through the document and a conversation with you in-between. A third pass can be added on for an extra fee. 

On the first pass, I will read through the manuscript and only make notes on the side. Afterwards, we'll have a conversation and cover all my observations and answer any questions. Once I have a full sense of the story, I'll do the second pass and add in all the edits. 

  • No poetry, please.

  • Any length is okay.

  • All genres welcome, but sci-fi and high fantasy are not my forte. 

  • Erotica is accepted. 

Get a quote below! Please have a five-page sample prepared to determine if we are a good fit. 

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Sarah has a great attention to detail and can help to truly polish up your writing. I’ve had her beta read a couple of manuscripts, and she always provides great insight into consistency, character development, story pacing, and ideas for improvement, along with mechanical editing. Whether you’re looking for basic revisions or genuine feedback for your writing projects, Sarah is the person to contact!

Rob Loveless

Author, A Family Affair

Image by Tom Hermans

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