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Waiting for Saturday

I love being part of the Twitter Writing Community. Not only do I get to meet and connect with so many talented people, but I'm able to discover books I would likely have never found otherwise. Waiting for Saturday by Catherine Morrison is one of those books. Minor, minor spoiler warning ahead...

The cover alone pulled me in. I saw it several times on my Twitter feed as Catherine talked about her book, and I was quick to add it to my list. I admit, it's not normally a genre I would go for. I'm not much of a romance person, but I do love drama, and the premise of the story had me intrigued.

Abigail Preston connects with a fellow parent, Henry, at a soft playground, and the adults and their children become fast friends. But their friendship (and budding romantic feelings) must be hidden from Abigail's jealous and controlling husband, Kevin. This is a story of hope and learning to move on, with a lot of bumps along the way. The topic of domestic abuse is handled in a realistic way, although it may seem a little extreme at times. But that's the reality of abuse. The novel had me rooting for Abigail to make the right choices, and I groaned out loud when she backslid. But again, that's real. That's life. I appreciated that the story had several ups and downs, and that Kevin's true nature slowly came to light throughout.

This is such a great read, easily worthy of five stars, that had me flipping pages to find out what happens next. This is my first book by Catherine Morrison, but it definitely won't be the last!

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