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  • Sarah McKnight

Travelling Without Moving

One of the first authors I connected with when I finally gave in and joined twitter a little over a year ago was Nathan Jones. Not only is he an active member of the writing community, but his self-marketing ploys are...eye-catching to say the least. The posts always start the same: "Buy my book or..." followed by some thinly-veiled threat to bring pain, suffering, or mutilation on an individual or global level. Not wanting any harm to come to me or my loved ones, I downloaded the book. Luckily, I was planning to read it anyway.

Back in college, I took a major author's course called Dickens Meets Steampunk. I was so excited to see what kind of twist would be put on Dickens' work, as I never was much of a fan of him. Imagine my disappointment when the professor presented us with five Dickens novels (one being the brick that is Bleak House), and two steampunk fiction books that were so bland I can't even recall the titles now. There was no overlap between Dickens and the steampunk genre. They were read and discussed separately and I left that class with an even stronger disdain for Charles Dickens and the certainty that steampunk was not the genre for me.

Travelling Without Moving definitely gave me a different perspective on the genre. I greatly enjoyed learning about the world our main character, Napalm Carton, was living in. In fact, this book had some of the best worldbuilding I had ever come across. Described as a clock-punk, post-apocalyptic dystopian adventure, this book had a lot going for it. Lies, deceit, mystery, action, and the nagging feeling that perhaps not everything is as it seems. This multi-faceted story will leave you reeling as you try to decipher what's real, what isn't, and what is in-between. If you're looking for something unique, original, and gripping, this is the book for you. It's a well-written, thoroughly researched, scientific adventure that was truly a pleasure to read.

Recently, Nathan released his second novel SK1NN3R, and you can bet I'll be reading that one soon. (Psst, Nathan also offers high-quality beta reading services at a fantastic price!)

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