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This ain't your average fairy story...

Thistle is a fairy who doesn't feel like she belongs. She's an Unwanted, only good for cleaning up and serving those above her - or is she?

This beautiful YA fantasy by Cathy Greco features gorgeous prose, lovable characters, and a coming-of-age story we can all relate to. Who hasn't struggled with their identity at some point? Who doesn't know how it feels not to belong?

Thistle is content on the sidelines, cheering her friends on from afar. But after some miscommunication and a desperate bid to save her friends from potential harm, Thistle finds herself at the center of everyone's attention - and not for anything good! Is it worth it for Thistle to try and fit in in this world that wasn't meant for her, or will she be better off making her own way?

I highly recommend this lovely story, just right for filling you with the warm fuzzies and a sense of hope.

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