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Thirty-five years. Four killers. One city.

Dayne Mitchell is fascinated with serial killers (aren't we all?), and he dedicates his free time to researching and writing about four of Bristol's most notable killers: The Bristol Burner, the Pub Poisoner, Father Death, and, most recently, Skinner.

As he battles his winter greys, an unfortunate effect of his bipolar disorder, Dayne questions what it takes to be a killer. Is it nature or nurture? Can anyone be drawn to kill, or is it something you must be born with? When someone claiming to be the infamous Skinner sends a letter to Dayne, everything spirals rapidly out of control.

Nathan Jones' second novel chases after a madman with humor, grace, and gore. We ride along with Dayne as he unravels the mysteries behind Skinner, Bristol's strangely high serial killer rate, and his own past. Filled with unexpected twists and turns, SKINNER is definitely not one for the faint of heart, but I think everyone should give it a read nonetheless. Jones has a unique ability to immerse the reader in his world, something I noticed in his debut, TRAVELLING WITHOUT MOVING, as well. While SKINNER is set around thirty years in the future, Jones flawlessly introduces us to the technological advancements of daily life through immersion rather than hitting us readers over the head with descriptions. It may be odd, but this is one of the things that really struck me the most. The dedication to researching the history and layout of Bristol itself is also an astounding testament to the author's talent and drive.

While a book like this isn't for everyone, it's a fantastically gruesome read that will have you flipping pages as the mystery unravels. Proceed with caution, but definitely proceed.

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