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Nothing's Ever Lost & Assembling Ella

I love connecting with other writers on Twitter. It gives me the chance to discover books I may not have come across otherwise. I saw Emma G. Rose mention her books on some post somewhere, and what she described definitely caught my attention. I was intrigued and immediately bought two of her books to try.

Nothing's Ever Lost (*Spoiler free!)

Where do I begin with this one? This was such a beautiful story filled with hope, healing, and bits of humor that literally made me laugh out loud.

Two teens involved in a car crash take a precarious trip through the afterlife and end up learning a lot about themselves and others along the way. From a questionable ferryman to an odd factory in the middle of nowhere, you'll be left wondering where this book will take you next. The witty and humorous banter is balanced with a heart-wrenching tale of grief and loss that caused me to tear up in a few scenes. And I assure you, I am not a crier!

I cannot recommend this book enough. It has a little something for everyone, and this is definitely one that will be on my re-read list in the future.

Assembling Ella (*Spoiler free!)

A companion novel to Nothing's Ever Lost that can also be read as a standalone, this book beautifully tackles anxiety and coping with grief and loss.

After losing her brother in a car accident, Ella battles with her anxiety over his death as well as some semblances of survivor's guilt. I admit, I wasn't entirely sure about this book when I first started reading it, as it opened in a dreamworld where the mythological Oneiroi tended dreams. But as Ella's story is woven together with the Oneiroi PhiTau's journey, I became hooked. I loved the way their stories came together as well as the strong focus on mental health throughout.

While it's a little slower paced than Emma's previous book, that didn't take anything away for me. To be honest, as long as the characters are compelling, the story can drag on and on for all I care. And in this case, even the side characters left me dying to know what was going to happen next.

Emma is a seriously talented author, and I highly recommend following her on Twitter @EmmaGWriter if you're not already. Looking forward to more reads from her!

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