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May Workshop

This month's workshop was an activity suggested by one of the group members. She was curious to see how others edited their work in "real time", and I tried to find a way to run with that idea. In the end, I decided to ask group members to bring in a single page of completely unedited work with enough copies to share with everyone. We would give everyone a copy and spend about 45 minutes editing in our style, then share what we did and why with the original writer. For extra fun, I told everyone to leave their names off their work, and we would guess who did what.

The turnout to this meeting wasn't great from a numbers perspective. Only four people showed up including myself, but we ended up having a fantastic discussion and learning about individual style. We took the time to edit each other's work and had a constructive conversation about our choices. Sometimes we agreed with what others did, sometimes we felt differently, but in the end it was a great workshop and everyone walked out feeling like they had learned something.

The next meeting will be a discussion, although I don't know what it will be on yet. I left for vacation the day after the May workshop and only just returned two days ago. I have less than two weeks to come up with a lesson, but I'm sure that whatever the discussion will be, it will result in a great conversation.

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