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  • Sarah McKnight

Man, Fuck This House

Horror? Sure. Comedy? Check! Man, Fuck This House by Brian Asman is a wild ride from start to finish.

The Haskins family moves into a beautiful new home, but things go awry very quickly. Weird noises, startling visions, missing objects, and creepy neighbors are only the beginning in this hysterical horror/comedy chock full of so many horror movie references it's nearly impossible to catch them all. With a quiet, mysterious son aptly named Damien, a headstrong daughter, a bored mother, and aloof father, this is exactly what's needed to create a perfect storm.

But this isn't your typical haunted house story. Oh no. The events that unfold are so far out of left-field, I had a hard time predicting what was going to come next. Is it over-the-top? Without a doubt. But that's what made this such a fun read. Don't go into it expecting to be scared. It's not that kind of horror. You will laugh, though. You'll probably even cackle. I know I did. Enough to startle my husband, at least. This quick, fun read will leave you with only one thought: Fuck that house!

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