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  • Sarah McKnight

Catching Up

As always, I have Twitter to thank for this beautiful, cozy, warm-hearted read by author Mary Lay.

After the death of her brother, Freddie, in the war, Caroline lived a rather sheltered life. But by the time she reached 20, she was ready to get out and begin catching up with everything she had missed. The book follows Caroline's adventures as she travels to visit old friends, makes new ones, and gains new and exciting experiences along the way. The book is written in a way that makes the reader feel as if they're right beside Caroline, experiencing everything along with her, and the gentle writing style makes it the perfect book to curl up with by a warm fire with a hot cup of tea.

To me, Caroline was a very relatable character. I was also somewhat sheltered growing up, and I didn't really get out and start exploring the world around me until I was around the same age. The descriptions in this book are so detailed that I could easily imagine myself in the setting, taking in all the surroundings as Caroline does. Though there are many, many characters introduced throughout, they were all dynamic and fleshed-out to the point where they felt like real people, and I did not lose track of any of them. I was interested in hearing all of their stories.

What I appreciated the most was the introduction of several LGBTQ+ characters, and even Caroline herself wondering what her own sexuality might be. I feel like this is something we don't often see in books set in the 1920's, and we need more of it.

All-in-all, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I love a good slice-of-life with little major conflict and interesting characters to keep me invested. Mary Lay has mentioned she is working on another book, The Price of Coal, and I very much look forward to reading more about Caroline and her adventures as she catches up with her peers.

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