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August Workshop

Naturally, the day before the September workshop, I get my post done for last month. Anyway...

This month, by popular request, I made a presentation on self-publishing. Now, I certainly don't claim to know everything. I'm the type who learns as I go, which is probably not the best thing to do when diving into the world of self-publishing and everything that goes along with it, but since publishing The Reaper's Quota in November 2021, I have learned a LOT about it.

I put together a PowerPoint presentation (my first one since college, ha!), asked the library to provide a projector, and gave my spiel on everything I had learned along the way from marketing to finding cover artists. I even asked a couple of self-published Twitter mutuals to add their thoughts and experiences since I did not want this presentation to be just about my personal journey.

The presentation, which I've attached to this post, went over splendidly. There are two other members in the writers group who have self-published, and together we were able to share resources, experiences, and answer questions. The discussion was, thankfully, helpfully to all, and I walked away learning a thing or two as well.

Despite my experiences, I still deal with imposter syndrome, and I admit I felt like I didn't really know what I was talking about during the presentation. But, I just had to remind myself that, while I may not know everything, I have enough experience now to support, advise, and uplift authors who are pursuing this path. I'm always happy to answer questions. It's not easy, but self-publishing turned out to be the best possible choice for me.

Self-Publishing Presentation
Download PPTX • 1.54MB

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