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A Very Randomized Plot

To kick off my very first writer's workshop on 3/22, I decided to try out a fun little activity as a way to break the ice. So, I brought in The Amazing Story Generator by Jason Sacher to get everyone's creativity flowing. This little book really is amazing. It features three flaps, each representing part of a story, that come together to create an insanely random and off-the-wall plot point.

For the workshop, everyone would generate their own unique plot, and I gave them 45 minutes to get writing. Once time was up, we went around the table and shared what we had written. Let me just say, it was incredible to hear the totally amazing stories everyone had come up with! Some of the stories involved drugged potato soup, an awkward fortune teller, and baby stealing. My plot came up as this:

Flap 1: After misreading an email

Flap 2: One half of a husband-and-wife crime fighting duo

Flap 3: Becomes mayor of Chicago

There was one major challenge for me in coming up with this: I am NOT a superhero person. But I loved the idea of a misread email leading to something so major, so I pressed on, and I actually ended up really liking what I came up with. The full story is attached below.

The feedback I got after the meeting was incredible. Everyone really enjoyed the activity, even the ones who don't normally like being put on the spot with their writing. I was thrilled that it went so well, and I even got several emails after the fact expressing excitement that the workshops were back in action. (The group did workshops pre-covid and before I moved to the area, so I didn't get to experience them. When I joined the group, the admins asked if I'd like to host, and of course I said yes!) I can't wait for the next meeting.

Workshop Short Story
Download DOCX • 18KB

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